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Reservations can be made online or by calling or texting Rhonda at 719-349-1037 for massage or Makayla at 719-349-9621 for esthetics.  If we're unavailable please leave a message,  more than likely we're in a session if you're calling during our normal business hours.  Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9-4pm. Same day appointments are not available as we book out.  Closed Saturdays and Sundays.  If you are new to Heavenly Horizons Massage and Esthetics, please use the "New client" tab to fill out intake forms as well as book using the "NEW CLIENT" tabs, you will have to scroll down to find the NEW CLIENT tab.  A deposit is required to book as a NEW CLIENT.  Please be sure to locate the New Client service if you are new the Heavenly Horizons Massage and Esthetics. 

Esthetic Services
New Client Massage Services
New Client Esthetic Services
Massage Services
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